[ RadSafe ] NCIS episode on dirty bomb

Eric.Goldin at sce.com Eric.Goldin at sce.com
Sun Feb 7 13:40:03 CST 2010

A couple of additional observations about the NCIS episode on dirty bombs:

Yes, they used an antique CDV-700 G-M detector (and improperly at that). 
But if you paid attention, you heard NCIS Director Leon Vance point out 
that a dirty bomb does not produce radiation injury and is really a weapon 
of mass disruption - I'm pretty sure he used those terms.  Right on.

The use of Co-60 "from dental x-ray machines" is, of course, silly but do 
you really want to tell folks out there where they can really find 
radioactive material to construct an RDD?  I'd give the writers a break on 
this one.

Lastly, I sure hope nobody watches these TV crime shows for their factual 
content.  Every one I've seen dealing with radiation and radiation injury 
has been science bunk but then again, talk to someone who really works in 
forensics and they'll tell you that the vast majority of those shows are 
baloney anyway.  But they're fun to watch for the characters, not for the 
science.  If you want science, go to the SyFy channel.     ;-)

Eric Goldin, CHP
<eric.goldin at sce.com>

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