[ RadSafe ] Truck Transportation Available

jimsradco at aol.com jimsradco at aol.com
Fri Feb 12 11:07:38 CST 2010

Hi Radsafers:

If any of you are in need of transporting any rad waste, material, or anything else, we wil have a truck leaving California late next week for Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Chicago. We can also reroute to Perma-Fix, or the east coast if necessary. We will have room for up to 20 x 55 gal. drums, (about 12 feet by 8 ft.). Our trailer has a liftgate so ground loading is not a problem. We can take anything except household goods.

If you are interested in "piggy-backing" something on this trailer please let me know ASAP. Please contact me directly at the number or email listed below.


Jm Bell
Adco Services, Inc.
708/429-1660 x19
imsradco at aol.com

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