[ RadSafe ] Obama announces loan guarantees for two nuclearreactors

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And, of course, "waste disposal" in connection with nuclear power is
fairly simple in comparison with waste disposal connected with making
the same amount of energy from burning coal.  The longer you let spent
fuel sit in storage, the easier it is to handle for reprocessing.  Spent
fuel, the most radioactive of the waste, is in a very robust form, not
subject to leaching into the environment in any realistic scenario (Yes,
I know that the anti-Yucca Mountain people assume that spent fuel is
slightly more soluble than table salt, but it really isn't).  The volume
is small in comparison the waste from coal.  

It is probably too much to hope for, but if the argument shifts from
emotional "Not In My Backyard" to something approaching rational, we
will all be better off.

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More likely than not, true. But Harry will be out come November!



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The godfather of talk radio properly and acutely observed today that
without a proper waste depository this is empty political posturing.
Dirty Harry Reid will not allow our teleprompter in chief to do what is

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