[ RadSafe ] Obama announces loan guarantees for two nuclear reactors

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Tue Feb 16 13:49:56 CST 2010

The Administration continues to append rainbow-like conditions; e.g.,  
"Any new nuclear facilities, he promised, will be held to the highest 
and strictest safety standards."  This kind of pap coupled with the 
hypothetical construct of global warming as a rationale is enough to 
pose grave doubts to sensible people. In a completely unbounded tort 
system, an undertaking this large must strain the courage of traditional 
financial investment. Surely we all must marvel at what measures might 
constitute the highest and strictest safety standards for any human 

Apparently, we still do not even understand the usual functions of world 
climate, let alone postulating a need for nuclear power based on some 
fire breathing dragon which we haven't even met.

So long as the Administration and Congress continue working hand in 
glove with OPEC, the dreams of reasonable energy resumption seem likely 
to remain a fairy tale. We move in strange and mysterious ways.
Perle, Sandy wrote:

>More likely than not, true. But Harry will be out come November!
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>The godfather of talk radio properly and acutely observed today that
>without a proper waste depository this is empty political posturing.
>Dirty Harry Reid will not allow our teleprompter in chief to do what is

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