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Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
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Hi Mike, I agree that your description is entirely accurate at the 
present time. However, manipulation is ever present in all societies, 
tribes, nations, etc. at all times for all goods and all services. The 
leveling influence to varying degrees is the competition mechanism of a 
free market. I believe that any society can select its either regulated 
or private infrastructure as it sees fit. I doubt that there is any 
really greater difficulty entering the electricity production business 
than entering the vehicle or highway or airway or sewage markets.

The US gives great lip service to free enterprise and give it greater 
fealty than most of the rest of the world, but these are choices we make 
-- they are not inherently one way or the other. Unfortunately, there 
always are some abuses and people therefore are very frightened by the 
prospect of a free market. The US simply started this whole experiment 
and I hate to watch it slowly being abandoned while I'm running around 


Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:

>Hi, Maury.  
>You are overlooking that in an urban, industrial society, energy in
>general and electricity in particular fails to meet any of the three
>criteria necessary for a free market to exist (the barriers to entry as
>a supplier must be low, all parties must have enough information and
>understanding to make informed choices, and society must be willing to
>accept the consequences of a sizable portion of the population doing
>without the goods or services in question).  Barring technological
>breakthroughs (and likely even then) energy markets will always be
>manipulated; the only question is by who and for what purpose.  
>Energy works better as infrastructure than as an unregulated profit
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>Hi Doug, various forms of competition and risk seem inherent while 
>others seem to me to be more contrived or artificial. Markets usually 
>cope well with the givens -- the contrived sorts require equally 
>artificial coping mechanisms which afford great opportunities for 
>threading loopholes and for providing loopholes in two thousand page 
>laws. Note how difficult and time consuming it has been to deal with a 
>four-page US Constitution. We "successfully" circumvent more and more of
>the four pager, but it has not been speedy or easy.  <g>
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>Doug Aitken wrote:
>>Can we add the coal lobby to the list of "hand in glove", please.....
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>>The Administration continues to append rainbow-like conditions; e.g.,
>"Any new nuclear facilities, he promised, will be held to the highest
>and strictest 

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