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Tue Feb 16 19:22:21 CST 2010

Hey RadSafe Group:

I know we all at times get caught up in LNT discussions, but there is a reason that radiation professionals are needed and rules and regs need to be evaluated by professionals and reasonable written plans for radiation safety put into place and implemented. I thought you might like to see an example of what happens when regulations are ignored.  

I believe this talk was by the EPA or USACE following the removal of sources from the Gulf Nuclear Inc. (GNI) Webster site. This was the number one potential dirty bomb site following 9-11.  The remediation was performed under CERCLA by the EPA.  To my knowledge, GNI made well logging sources and also made check and calibration sources under the name "The Source".   Gulf Nuclear went bankrupt in 1990.  At some point the state put a fence up around the site which is between a medical center and an oncology building.  


In case you didn't read the zeros correctly the presentation states there were up to 200 million dpm per 100cm2 finely powdered Am-241  on the surfaces.*   Dose rates ranged up to 1000 rem per hour.  

Barbara Reider, CHP

* NRC recommended free release level is 20dpm/100cm2 removable transuranics per  RG 1.86.  
The State of TX uses 200dpm/100cm2.

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