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Wed Feb 17 06:04:46 CST 2010

who will pay for this? ("pay" in the sense of "go to jail for life" or  
something like this). Well, I tell you: no one (because no one will  
assume his responsibility)

blreider at aol.com ha escrito:

> Hey RadSafe Group:
> I know we all at times get caught up in LNT discussions, but there   
> is a reason that radiation professionals are needed and rules and   
> regs need to be evaluated by professionals and reasonable written   
> plans for radiation safety put into place and implemented. I thought  
>  you might like to see an example of what happens when regulations   
> are ignored.
> I believe this talk was by the EPA or USACE following the removal of  
>  sources from the Gulf Nuclear Inc. (GNI) Webster site. This was the  
>  number one potential dirty bomb site following 9-11.  The   
> remediation was performed under CERCLA by the EPA.  To my knowledge,  
>  GNI made well logging sources and also made check and calibration   
> sources under the name "The Source".   Gulf Nuclear went bankrupt in  
>  1990.  At some point the state put a fence up around the site which  
>  is between a medical center and an oncology building.
> http://www.ttemidev.com/oscAdmin2008/conference/materials/180/02_stranded.pdf
> In case you didn't read the zeros correctly the presentation states   
> there were up to 200 million dpm per 100cm2 finely powdered Am-241    
> on the surfaces.*   Dose rates ranged up to 1000 rem per hour.
> Barbara Reider, CHP
> * NRC recommended free release level is 20dpm/100cm2 removable   
> transuranics per  RG 1.86.
> The State of TX uses 200dpm/100cm2.
> http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/reg-guides/power-reactors/active/01-086/01-086.pdf)
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