[ RadSafe ] Obama announces loan guarantees for two nuclear reactors

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Are you possibly referring to Sacramento Municiple Utility District's RANCHO SECO Nuclear Generating Station? 
Rancho Seco operated at ONLY 39% capacity from 1975 to 1989 due to BAD management, and was closed down after a NON-BINDING referendum, in which I believe only about 3% of the public turned out and the referendum passed by just over 50% of those that turned out... so IOW, LESS than TWO percent of those registered voted to shut the plant down...However, the majority of the SMUD board at the time was overwhelmingly ANTI-nuclear, and so pushed forward with the plant closure.

HUMBOLDT BAY, operated from '63 - '76 before shuttering due to cost of seismic/post TMI mods...

VALLECITOS, also operated for a number of years and still has a research reactor on site...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vallecitos_Nuclear_Center   And of course there was San Onofre Unit 1...

These are the only former California POWER reactors I am aware of, but there was also Shoreham on Long Island, which did low power testing but never went online due to NY Gov. Cuomo not issuing NY state evacuation E-plans... Several TVA plants where construction stopped (some of which have since restarted construction or gone online), several Washington sites which suffered the same fate, Perry 2 and Zimmer in Ohio, Midland in MI, Marble Hill in IN, and a couple of others (anyone remember the movie 'The Abyss' filmed in a half built containment dome)...  Many of of these were at high percentage of completion (>80%) (some of which have been converted to non-nuke generation), but most were halted due to economics, not public opposition.

The other possibility you may have been referring to was the misguided law passed in CA that forbade the dumping of waste with ANY detectable radioactivity, to the levels of 'Best Available Technology'.  Initial reading at the time would have even prohibited say a farmer turning over a bad crop of almonds or raisins back into the ground, because of the NORM concentrated in the crop... not sure what finally became of that one, but it has since been updated with more recent compact state agreement laws.  Barbara Hamrick could maybe elaborate on that one if she's still around, I remember her posting about it back then.

BTW, I am currently at Plant Hatch, sister station to Vogtle, and scheduled to go there in just a few weeks.  Excavation at Vogtle 3-4 is nearly complete, and they have been going ahead full steam in anticipation of both the loan guarantees and NRC approval...  They are SERIOUS about this.  COL and community support means it will not be another Shoreham, Harry Reid and the Anti-s be damned.

Also, in answer to the question, you don't need NRC approval to dig a hole ;-)


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>That one I don't remember, but knowing 'bankrupt' CA, I'm sure it's true. 
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>Didn't the State of California once dismantle a nearly completed nuclear 
>power plant just before it was ready to go on line to produce energy? We 
>are remarkable creatures! 
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>>I may believe it when they first break ground.  Only then I will belive when it goes on line.  Remember Shorehum!!!   
>>Ed Baratta 
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>>Hi, Maury.   
>>You are overlooking that in an urban, industrial society, energy in 
>>general and electricity in particular fails to meet any of the three 
>>criteria necessary for a free market to exist (the barriers to entry as 
>>a supplier must be low, all parties must have enough information and 
>>understanding to make informed choices, and society must be willing to 
>>accept the consequences of a sizable portion of the population doing 
>>without the goods or services in question).  Barring technological 
>>breakthroughs (and likely even then) energy markets will always be 
>>manipulated; the only question is by who and for what purpose.   
>>Energy works better as infrastructure than as an unregulated profit 
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