[ RadSafe ] Rad Toolbox on Windows 7 ??

Jaro Franta jaro-10kbq at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 27 07:39:23 CST 2010

Thanks Richard,

I did realise that the problem might be that I installed Windows 7 onto a computer with Vista, that the Rad Toolbox was on -- so I un-installed and re-installed the program.

Unfortunately the problems persisted.

Will have to inform the ORNL folks.....

I the mean time, I still have Rad Toolbox on an XP computer at the office, so will need to hang on to that for a while....


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>From the users manual...
"If you encounter any problems running the Rad Toolbox, please contact Andrea Sjoreen (sjoreenal at ornl.gov
or 865-574-5333) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. If you have technical questions or comments, please
contact Keith Eckerman (eckermankf at ornl.gov or 865-574-6251) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Comments on style, usability, and other features that might be useful additions are appreciated"

Also, from the NRC download page...
"Users who encounter difficulties or errors are encouraged to contact us to have them corrected. We also encourage users to send suggestions for additional databases they would like to see added to the toolbox." Contact page is...

Did you install Windows 7 onto a computer that already had XP or Vista installed that your Rad Toolbox was on?  If so, their are probably file association mis-matches and simply re-installing the program may fix the problem.

I haven't installed Win 7 yet, so can't duplicate the problem, but glancing at the source code, it seems probable that is is the problem.   Hope this helps.


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>Has anyone else noticed that Rad Toolbox doesn't work on Windows 7 ?
>....and would anyone happen to know whether there is a Windows 7 compatible
>version available somewhere for download ?
>Thanks very much.
> Jaro
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