[ RadSafe ] Looking to purchase FIDLER-like instruments

Anagnostopoulos, Harry H.Anagnostopoulos at nv.doe.gov
Tue Jan 12 17:19:11 CST 2010

My project is looking to make an immediate purchase of two FIDLER-like
instruments for use at the Nevada Test Site. There could be a follow-on
purchase of up to four more units.


I can't keep up with the purchase and sale of instrument vendors and
their new company names (e.g., Thermo-what?), so I decided to go to
RADSAFE directly.



1. Alpha Spectra low energy probe, 5 inch or 9 inch (i.e, FIDLER probe
for Am-241)

    - aluminum window or coated Be window

    - ruggedized

    - handle kit

    - transport case

2. Any proposed meter box that

    - allows for setting an energy window for Am-241 (like the PHA mode
on the Eberline ESP-1)

    - acts as both a ratemeter and a scaler (and can easily be switched
between modes, unlike the Eberline ESP-1)

    - has a RS-232 output data port


These units will be used for scanning soils. At times, they will be
hooked up to Trimble GeoXt GPS units for GPS-assisted gamma walkover
survey (hence the RS-232 port).


I do not want to purchase a Violinist. The MCA will be overkill for our


Please contact me OFF-LIST if you have something for sale or would like
to point me towards a reliable resource.


Thanks in advance!



Harry Anagnostopoulos, CHP

Radiation Services Manager

Navarro Nevada Environmental Services, LLC

H.Anagnostopoulos at NV.DOE.GOV <mailto:H.Anagnostopoulos at NV.DOE.GOV> 




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