[ RadSafe ] Locals Complain of Radio Tower Illness...Then Discover Tower Was Actually Turned Off

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I am aware of at least nine such (more or less equivalent) observations from Sweden.


In one case a lady fainted in front of such mobile phone tower (which she had opposed).

This was out in the countryside of western Sweden (Munkfors) and the controversy had reached a relatively high legal level and about 10-12 people were present (standing perhaps 50 m in front of the tower) as this man Göran (I have spoken with him several times but never met him) from the telephone company Tele2 explained how the signals travel from one tower to the next etc.


Suddenly the lady said that she felt dizzy and couldn't take this situation any longer whereafter she passed out and Göran then took the key and opened the little booth (word?) by the foot of the tower and showed to the others that it was empty - no electrical equipment had been installed there yet. A local newspaper was also represented and as far as I understood the essence of the related newpaper article was something like that the local "municipality runs over electrohypersensitive" (person).


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> Subject: [ RadSafe ] Locals Complain of Radio Tower Illness...Then Discover Tower Was Actually Turned Off
> Reminds me of a story from Germany where a new cell tower was blamed for
> a whole host of ills... When the tower's project manager was asked
> about what he thought of the issue he remarked that he wonders how bad
> they will be when the tower is actually turned on.
> Cary
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> Cary.renquist at ezag.com
> Massive revelation in iBurst tower battle
> http://bit.ly/5hsUvd
> Villagers in Craigavon, South Africa, were convinced they were getting
> radiation poisoning from a broadband tower, so moaned to iBurst, the
> broadband company it belonged to. iBurst responded with this
> embarrassing reply:
> "At this point it became apparent that the tower can, in no way, be
> the cause of the symptoms, as it was already switched off for many
> weeks, yet the residents still saw symptoms that come and go according
> to their proximity to the area."
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