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Here is some more information about Sedan Crater. I have been there many
times, and it still impresses me when standing on the lip of this
massive crater.


Sedan Crater at the Nevada Test Site was formed on July 6, 1962, when
the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, predecessor of the U.S. Department of
Energy (DOE), conducted an excavation experiment using a 104-kiloton
thermonuclear device. The test, detonated 635 feet underground, was part
of a project to develop technology for earth moving projects. The
explosion displaced about 12 million tons of earth, creating a crater
1,280 feet in diameter and 320 feet deep. The force of the detonation
released seismic energy equivalent to an earthquake with a magnitude of
4.75 on the Richter Scale. Today, there is a visitor stand on the lip of
the crater.


If you look at the photo of Sedan Crater at


you can see the visitor stand at the bottom left side of the crater.


Fact Sheets with photos at:




You can view video clips of the detonation (Project Sedan Parts 1-5) at:



Public Tours of the Nevada Test Site

The U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration
Nevada Site Office provides free general interest tours on a monthly
basis. One of the sites on the tour is Sedan Crater. For more
information on tours:




Emergency responders who take free (FEMA-funded) Radiological/Nuclear
WMD courses at the Nevada Test Site also have the opportunity see the
Sedan Crater.




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Yes, Dan, 


Since you rather more than less invite RADSAFErs for comments, please

accept mine: Being an Austrian citizen, but having been trravelled a lot

in this world I unfortunately do not know the "Sedan Crater". I have

been contemplating in HIroshima, Nagasaki, on the Trinity site and under

an extensive research project on the Mururoa and Fangataufa sites where

most of the French tests have been conducted. 


This proposal for stopping the oil spill by nuclear bombs is absolutely

unacceptable. First of all  nuclear explosions are definitely prohibited

by international law. The USA has violated international law (e.g.

Iraq), to such an extent that I do not believe that it would be accepted

in such a case,  take the public opinion into consideration.. 


How can anybody propose such a solution? How can mass media distribute

such an outstanding nonsense? How can this be distributed world-wide?


But finally it seems to me that this was discussed at RADSAFE seriously

as a possibility. How can this happen within the learned community or





(Happy to not being blocked any more on RADSAFE.)

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