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Hi John, 

Differences in air concentrations in a worker's breathing zone can be a factor of 1000 different than the concentration sampled by a general area sampler.  Workers can create there own micro-zone (and I don't mean "micro" concentration-wise), e.g., the common example is Pig Pen from the Charlie Brown cartoons.  If air concentrations are very low relative to the control level, or if bioassay methods are relatively quick and can easily measure small intakes (on the order of a percent of the ALI or less), then there might be little "value added" by using lapel samplers.  In the case where bioassay doesn't readily provide measurement of small intakes and where air concentrations are expected to be of concern, lapel samplers provide both assurance and insurance. 

That's my general answer to your general question.  Specifics might change my answer a bit. 

Nice to see your name on RadSafe.  Hope you are well. 

Cindy Bloom 

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It has been suggested that D&D workers use lapel monitors for potential 
airborne alpha particulates IN ADDITION TO a continuous air sampler in the 
immediate vicinity of the D&D work. 

My first thought is that the nuisance factor for the workers is going to 
be "anti-ALARA." 

Can anybody provide some experience with the necessity, effectiveness, and 
"value added" by lapel monitors vs an air sampler in the immediate 

Thanx in advance  - -jmr 

John Rich 
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