[ RadSafe ] Test tubes of "nuclear energy powder"

Strickert, Rick rstrickert at signaturescience.com
Wed Jun 2 08:32:15 CDT 2010

Check out the impulse-buying items along the checkout lanes at the (even electronics) store and you may find powder-containing test tubes labeled as radium, uranium, or plutonium. 

Yes, the test tubes also have a black and yellow radiation trefoil symbol.  And the test tube labeled as "URANIUM" also notes "Yellowcake flavor."

The manufacture (http://shop.harcoslabs.com/products/nuclear-energy-powder) claims:

"Nuclear Energy Powder is a delicious way to avoid a meltdown. With five flavors to choose from (Barium Black Cherry, Plutonium Pear, Radium Raspberry Lemonade, Strontium Strawberry, and Uranium Yellowcake), each fuel rod offers 90mg of caffeine that can be taken in doses throughout the day. Pour the sweet and tangy powder directly into your mouth and be amazed as it leaves a 'radioactive' trace of color behind! Nuclear Energy Powder will keep you alert at work, at school, or in your fallout shelter."

... or you can include some of the test tubes in your carry-on flight luggage to entertain the TSA folk.  ;-)

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX

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