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After what happened to Ms Keen at Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (For radsafers: Linda Keen is the ex-CNSC president who stood up and say there was something wrong with the Canadian isotope reactor so please fix it), don't you think this is a very odd and very strange change in approach for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission ?  If you received the CNSC email postings, and I am receiving them for the past 2 or 3 years now, you note that now CNSC will answer to all argumentation in any newspaper clip, even the most obscure newspaper... This is a great attitude, I appreciate this, but where were they before the isotope crisis ?, Well, they were busy regulating as they should  and obviously Mr. Prime Minister Harper did not like the way at that time...I have published an article in a big Montreal NewsPaper after the Parliement took interest in radiation safety and public safety, asking the Prime Minister where was his contingency plan since the isotope reactors are so critical for public health...We know now that there was none and that perhaps CNSC was well advised in asking more questions.

Now that the Parliament have politicized a complex safety and economic issue, it seems that CNSC have changed, and not for the best.  And if you read the myths they attacked on their myth busters , they are simply a way to communicates precise ''messages'' and it is not even in layperson terms....Power coefficient of reactivity....not sure that Joe or Jane Public really want to know about this....Look also at the order of presentation, they really should change this order to send the first message, this industry is not secretive, people simply don't want to hear !!! And perhaps the fact that Politics was involved on a serious safety issue will not help, many of my relatives and friends are able to see by themselves that there is not a separation between Politics and Safety Regulation Bodies and that obviously the Prime Minsiter had very good radiation safety specialists during that crisis, more then CNSC....(tongue in cheek)

I am worried about this regulatory body that is, in my opinion one of the best you find in Canada. There is still a lot of good employees, competent, knowledgeable and honest in CNSC. But it seems that politics and economics have now corrupted the safety system in a very subtle way. I am a bit uncomfortable in this sudden desire of communication and I want to share this with all, knowing that CSNC is also monitoring this discussion group ! Ok, I am not starting a conspiration theory, there is none. This is only a strong perception.

It is a start for CNSC, but I wish it would leave some of this burden to more neutral entities, like HPS is doing with it's ask the expert page or CRPA in Canada (www.crpa-acrp.ca) Perhaps CNSC should simply publish Q/A page with questions from the public. I will send part of this to CNSC also, they disserve this for their honest effort.

This email, of course, is the expression of my personnal (strong) opinion and does not involve my employer.

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