[ RadSafe ] Amero-centrism on the List (was: End Of An Era)

garyi at trinityphysics.com garyi at trinityphysics.com
Mon Jun 14 14:27:48 CDT 2010


I hope you will agree that it is grossly hypocritical to protest comments made only in response 
to repeated national and political slanders.  All that jingoism that bothers you would disappear 
from the list if a few listmembers would resist the urge to deride nations and political groups.

Besides, "jingoism" is just a handy slander for the other fellow's political view.  I could just as 
accurately call you unamerican or unpatriotic.  Of course, I am only poking fun, since casual 
slanders like "jingosim" and "unpatriotic" mostly come from those who lack maturity and 

Instead of that, lets have a vigorous argument about low level radiation.   :)

-Gary Isenhower

PS, My American Indian ethnicity means I must be more American than you, who can only 
support your arguments with 10 generations.  Therefore, my views necessarily carry more 
weight.  LOL

On 14 Jun 2010 at 13:27, Clayton J Bradt wrote:

As a 10th generation American, even I find the jingoism that occasionally 
flows from certain quarters on this list to be offensive. I can't fault 
Franz for expressing annoyance from time to time.  In fact its a good 
reminder that other perspectives exist which can account for the reception 
US actions often receive from other parts of the world. 

BTW the acronym CP-5 meant nothing to me either until someone explained 

Clayton J. Bradt
dutchbradt at hughes.net
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