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Kai Kaletsch eic at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 18 09:36:06 CDT 2010

Hi All,

There was some discussion on the list about this last year and the 
conclusion was that the DVD only runs on older operating systems up to XP, 
prior to service pack 3. I managed to get the DVD running on a Vista machine 
in a Windows 98 virtual PC window. It was not as easy as I would have liked 
it to be. Here is the process:

  1.. Installed virtual PC on my Vista machine a while back. Microsoft says 
that you need the pro version, but it installed fine on my home version.
  2.. Installed Windows 98 on the virtual PC. This was a bit tricky since my 
bootable 98 was on floppy and the new laptop came without a floppy drive. 
Looked on Google and found a workaround.
  3.. Installed the Health Physics DVD on the Win 98 virtual PC and asked it 
to install Acrobat Reader 7, since win98 comes with Acrobat Reader 4 and the 
install tells you that you need Acrobat Reader 5 or higher.
  4.. Acrobat Reader 7 does not run on Win 98, so the Acrobat install failed 
and I was able to browse the DVD, but not view the pdf files.
  5.. Installed Acrobat Reader 5 from the web and finally was able to get it 
to work (after a re-boot).
BTW, I chose to install a win 98 virtual PC, rather than an XP one, because 
I still have several XP machines around and I wanted more backward 
compatibility. The DVD did not run on my XP machines, probably since they 
have recent updates installed.

Hope this info is useful to others trying to view the DVD on a newish 


Kai Kaletsch
Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.

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> At 01:28 PM 6/17/2010, Joel C. wrote:
>>Some years ago HPS members got a DVD with all the HP Journal articles 
>>through 2005.  This has proven very handy.  But today when I popped in the 
>>DVD, the access software (QLU) gave me an error message, "Unable to start 
>>secondary server."  I re-installed the thing twice, but still can't get it 
>>to work.  Anyone else run into this?
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> My disk does not work either.
> However, all Health Physics Journal articles are available electronically 
> to members of the Health Physics Society at   https://hps.org/membersonly/
> Otto
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