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Hi Clayton

Do you really stand behind all of this?  No statements here that you might withdraw, on 
second thought?


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From: Clayton Bradt <dutchbradt at hughes.net>
Date: March 8, 2010 6:35:58 PM CST
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Subject: Re: Airport Body Scanners

There are no health issues related to the body scanners. The radiation  
doses are trivial.  The privacy/civil rights issues dominate, and I  
must agree with Franz that the security frenzy that began after 9-11  
and continues to this day is not only ridiculous and counter- 
productive, but it threatens to bring to a sad end the oldest  
constitutional democracy in the world.  I no longer recognize the  
country I grew up in.  I used to feel sorry for the people who lived  
behind the "Iron Curtain" who were spied upon by their own  
governments, could be picked up by the police and questioned any time  
of the day or night. People who had to show identity papers whenever  
they travelled even INSIDE their our country!  That could never happen  
here we thought. Now look at us.  All those terrible things are  
happening here in the US as I write this. We have given away our  
freedoms in exchange for the illusion of security.  God damn us for  
letting it happen - without even putting up a fight.

Clayton Bradt
dutchbradt at hughes.net

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