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I checked the references below (and about ten more - mainly from the same "Biomed and Pharmacother" - Vol. 45, 1991). First, the "Anynomous" in J. Nucl Medicine (April and June issues, 1987) seems to be Linda E. Ketchum - it would be interesting to contact her if possible (where?).
What I tried to focus on in these papers is where the 100 000 - 200 000 "extra" abortions estimate comes from (probably IAEA but I cannot find an exact reference).
For Greece (Trichopoulos et al., 1987) an estimate indicates about 2500  and for Italy (Spinelli & Osborn, 1991) the number of such abortions has been estimated by using different models but if we give it 30 per day (my choice here) the bottom line would land in the order of 5000. No such effect seems to have been observed in Finland whereas Denmark showed a slight increase in some areas (can probably be challenged statistically). This far, I haven't seen any corresponding estimations for former Soviet Union or Central Europe.
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> These may prove helpful.
> Knudsen, L. B., 1991, "Legally-induced abortions in Denmark after
> Chernobyl," Biomed and Pharmacother, 45:229-231.
> Spinelli, A., and J. F. Osborn, 1991, "The effects of the Chernobyl
> explosion on induced abortion in Italy," Biomed and Pharmacother, 45:243-247.
> D Trichopoulos, X Zavitsanos, C Koutis, P Drogari, C Proukakis, and E Petridou
> The victims of chernobyl in Greece: induced abortions after the accident.
> Br Med J (Clin Res Ed). 1987 October 31; 295(6606): 1100.
> (These authors estimate that in 1986, in Greece, about 2500 abortions
> were performed because of perceived radiation risk from Chernobyl.)
> Anonymous Newsline: Lessons of Chernobyl, Part II. J. Nucl. Med.
> 1987; 28:933-42.
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