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Forgot to copy this to Radsafe:

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For what it is worth, as a bit of my own " Nuclear Information and Resource Service[s]" to Radsafe land:

In 2008 the total U.S. electric generation from nuclear power plants was 806.2 billion kilowatt-hours [bkWh]
In 1961 the total U.S. Electric Generation from All Sources was 797  billion kilowatt-hours [bkWh]
So today's total nuclear electric generation is equal to a bit more than  ALL electricity produced in the U.S. a bit after 1961 when U.S. generation in total reached 806 billion kWhr.
So for those anti-nuclear interests that dismiss today's nuclear electric generation and maintain it can be replaced easily by other sources, any alternate mode of generation  will have to equal the entire installed electric generation capacity of the U.S. in 1961 which had been built since the start of the electric age about 60 years earlier !
Interesting factoid to me. I never imagined today's generation was so large vs. past electric generation. Since todays nuclear electric generation is about 20% of all U.S. electric generation, total electric demand today has increased  5 fold from 1961. 

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Nuclear Information and Resource Service - NIRS
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Organized campaign against nuclear reactors - I found this through ad on
Alternet so the page will get wide response!  I fail to see where this is
Democracy in Action - seems more like spread the ignorance far and wide to
me.  What say you? 

Roger Helbig

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