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Hi, Dan.

My experience with this is at one remove, but I will toss it out there.

It is possible for there to be transfer of "contamination" (though I am
not sure it qualifies as contamination while in or on you) to your
girlfriend, and other things in your environment.  There isn't a health
issue, but if she works with any type of radioactive material there
could be an issue of her contact with you leaving enough contamination
to trigger monitoring at her workplace, which would endear you to
neither her nor her RSO.  

The Tc-99m will be at trivial levels in a couple of days.  The Tl-201
lasts longer, but just puts out mostly low energy photons, and started
out with less activity.  I admit to not being familiar with the
biological half life of Tl, nor how it clears the body.  

I would say that by the weekend you should only glow from your own inner
light, not noticeably augmented by the miracles of modern SCIENCE!
Though perhaps your girlfriend should give you a thorough frisking, just
to be sure.  

I am glad no problems were found.  You add a great deal to this site,
and though we have never met, I think of you as a friend. 

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Dear Group:


Yesterday I received both Tl-201 & Tc-99m as a intravenous cocktail
during a
cardiac stress test.  The dose was 3 mCi Tl-201 and 20 mCi "Cardiolite"
Tc-99m for imaging.  By the time I got home, I was quite radioactive,
my Ludlum Model 19 measuring 5000 uR/Hr at a distance of 4 meters.
According to the information that I received, the test amounts to a 3.45
total effective dose.


Should I be avoiding my girlfriend for the next week or two?  She works
Los Alamos and I don't want to "contaminate" her.


The good news is that no problems were found!




Dan ii


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