[ RadSafe ] Impact of Cs-137 on Children's Lung Function

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Wow!  This attempt to establish a non-cancer cause-effect relationship between radiation exposure and lung function is a stretch.   If exposure to radiation (Cs-137 or other gamma emitters), what about lung function in high background radiation areas around the world such as Brazil, India or Iran?   What is the purported mechanism of harm?

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Just an observation, but the data used in this study were collected from
1993-1998.  Were any of the present authors engaged in the data acquisition?

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For general interest:

A recent paper (May 2010) in  Environmental Health Perspectives has 
found significant airway obstruction in children associated with 
Cs-137 levels due to Chernobyl. 
See  http://ehp03.niehs.nih.gov/article/browseIssue.action

Any comments?

L. Lowe

Leo M. Lowe, Ph.D., P.Phys., CRadP
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