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Mon May 24 06:41:53 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I sometimes use the simple Microshield (v. 7) software for not too complex activity to dose calculations. The one thing I have some trouble grasping is the implementation of build-up correction. When there are several layers in the shielding you can tell Microshield to assess build-up from for example the material of the outermost shield. I usually go with the outermost layer if it's thick enough to provide reasonable effect but I would have some difficulty arguing for it. Does anyone have a well tested way of setting up the build-up assessment in Microshield - with a reasoning behind it? Also, do you play around with the Change Energy function, and if so, how and why in that way? The manual recommendation about this detail is rather vague, I think.

Any shared experiences are welcome! Except for "You must use Monte Carlo or it's all crap". :)

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