[ RadSafe ] Industrial Radiography Radiation Protection Video Resource (Open bay)

Mark Ramsay mark.ramsay at ionactive.co.uk
Sun Nov 21 14:21:52 CST 2010

Greetings All.


Just thought I would mention that we have some new video resource that
has just recently been released.


It can be found on our YouTube channel at the following link:




This was built for one of our clients but we managed to also have a
desensitised version  produced so that the masses could see the


This looks at the radiation protection aspects of 'enclosure industrial
radiography' using Ir-192. It is a sad fact that there are still many
accidents in this sector - mostly in open site radiography. This
resource was built to complement a new purpose built enclosure which
avoided 'open site' conditions, therefore reducing the risks of
inadvertent / accidents exposure. 


This resource and other related material can be found at the Ionactive








Mark Ramsay


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