[ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

Mike Quastel maay100 at bgu.ac.il
Fri Oct 15 15:13:31 CDT 2010

I have been concerned to hear during the past year or so, even  from  
this otherwise informative and properly skeptical group, statements  
that findings of climate warming- or more properly climate change- is  
some sort of fraud, scam or conspiracy. The geologic and  
oceanographic evidence so far really does seem to support that  
climate change is taking place in our own lifetime. Whether it will  
turn out to be man made, a natural cycle, some sort of solar  
phenomenon, temporary or cumulative in the long run remains to be  
seen. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical -  indeed, that is  
the proper scientific approach -  but in view of the potentially very  
serious global consequences, it would be wise to keep an open mind on  
the subject and most definitely not rule out the possibility of human  

Mike Quastel


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