[ RadSafe ] Keeping an open mind

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 16:56:05 CDT 2010

Of course, you are correct. The climate is changing, but hasn't that always been 
the case? Historic evidence shows that the climate is cyclical in nature and the 
earth has continually alternated between "ice ages" and tropical periods. Dr. 
Fred Singer, has estimated that these cycles last about 1500 years, and 
currently increasing global temperatures simply indicate that we are predictably 
in an upward phase. In time, this trend will reverse, and we can start to worry 
about global cooling again, if we live that long.
To attribute  "global warming" to anthropic (man-made) causes is somewhat silly. 
Socialists believe it is due to capitalistic greed. "third world" nations may 
believe it is caused by developed counties squandering our limited resources; 
and some may think that witchcraft  is to blame. I never liked witches, so I 
tend to blame them for everything thats bad.
In all likelihood, global climate change is controlled by cosmic forces 
(sunspots, etc) over which man has no control, so maybe we should just sit back 
and enjoy it.
Jerry Cohen

From: Mike Quastel <maay100 at bgu.ac.il>
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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

I have been concerned to hear during the past year or so, even  from this 
otherwise informative and properly skeptical group, statements that findings of 
climate warming- or more properly climate change- is some sort of fraud, scam or 
conspiracy. The geologic and oceanographic evidence so far really does seem to 
support that climate change is taking place in our own lifetime. Whether it will 
turn out to be man made, a natural cycle, some sort of solar phenomenon, 
temporary or cumulative in the long run remains to be seen. There is nothing 
wrong with being skeptical -  indeed, that is the proper scientific approach -  
but in view of the potentially very serious global consequences, it would be 
wise to keep an open mind on the subject and most definitely not rule out the 
possibility of human causation.

Mike Quastel

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