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Miller, Mark L mmiller at sandia.gov
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The issue of climate change presents us with a real conundrum.
"Is it real or not?"
"Is it man-made or natural?  Does it matter either way (if it is real)?"
"Can mankind's feeble efforts to do anything (in time) make any difference?"
"Follow the money!"  
"Who stands to make the big bucks? Academia for studying the issue in perpetuity?  Renewable energy interests?  Big Oil?  Big Coal?  Who?" (I really want to know!)

As Reagan said, "Trust, but verify."

...(Stay with me here.)... After reading Richard Rhodes' books "The Twilight of the Bombs" and "Arsenals of Folly", I got a new appreciation of how "fear mongers" (in all countries) were quite successful in convincing politicians to spend billion$ on the arms race.  The Cold War seems to have many parallels to today's "Global Warming".  Too bad all that brain power and money couldn't have been used for the "betterment" of mankind. Can we apply some "lessons learned" from the Cold War to Global Warming (no pun intended)?

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Excellently put! Yes it is the green leadership AND their misguided, corrupt following who are drawing the life out of our society. They play on the fears of the uninformed. How do these people get away with this?

Gary,as a man of great common sense, perhaps you should seek an elected office. You would do much good and you would have my vote. The truth is out there. I just hope there are many more of us than them...

John Dixon

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Despite the number of times this topic has come up, most people on the list fail to recognize 
the key issue because there are many important peripheral issues: green vs not green, 
nuclear vs fossile fuels, warming vs cooling, etc., etc.

Lets try to see it like this: Your investment portfolio manager, who handles all the assets you 
possess and hope to enjoy in your retirement, has been accused of redirecting huge funds, 
including yours, in a clever scheme of self-enrichment.  The manager hotly denies the 
charges, and produces a graph showing your investments climbing rapidly upward.  Then, in 
a stunning revelation from an independent auditor, this happy graph is shown conclusively to 
be a fiction, nothing more than a doctored forgery designed to deceive you and every other 
client of the investment firm. But the firm's CEO, who happens to be quite a lot richer since 
the change in your asset management, ignores the auditor and keeps the same manager on 
the job.

Now, you will have lots of questions about this, but the very first thing you will do (if you have 
any brains at all) is to transfer your assets to a firm and a manager that are untainted by 
corruption charges and fully accountable for the funds they manage.  Not long after that, you 
should hire a good lawyer and sue the first firm for every penny they are worth.

End of story, except it is not a story.  This is effectively what IS happening to you and to me 
and every other person in the civilized world.  You are going to be forced to pay more for 
everything you buy.  Not just energy, but everything.  You are also going to be taxed to 
mitigate, remediate, and expurgate the effects of an imaginary crisis.  All that money is going 
to make a very few people very rich, all on the basis of an environmental con, the boogey 
man of apocalyptic climate change.  Further, the timing could not be worse in light of the 
world wide economic situation.  If you are going to be robbed, lets hope that it does not 
happen after 16 months of unemployment, when you are on the way to spend your last $20 
on milk and bread.

The main point of all this is that only a fool will leave his assets in the hands of a dishonest 
manager.  All the other questions about nuclear energy, climate change, and the effects of 
fossile fuels on the environment are secondary, because you can't get a true view of the 
situation until the cheats and liars are ousted.  And that is why I say that those who are in on 
the con, including APS and IPCC leadership, must go.

-Gary Isenhower
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