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Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
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I am surprised by your apparent naivite. Perhaps you are unaware that it is very 
difficult to get research funding to study non-problems. If you don't believe 
this, just try to submit a proposal to perform a study to show  show the climate 
is doing just fine and there is no cause for concern. If this process causes 
undue public concern, that's just too bad.
To get funding, you need to view with alarm. For example, this strategy has been 
successfully used for decades to perpetuate the "nuclear waste problem".
No problem = No $$$$$$.

Jerry Cohen 

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So Mr. Isenhower,

Since you are an expert on climate change, the logical question for you is this 
- what amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will cause global warming? Can humans 
just pollute and pollute and burn fossil fuels without ever affecting climate?

I find it amusing that you scream about some sort of widespread fraud 
perpetrated by scientists for what - money? Are you serious? That's one pretty 
damn big widespread conspiracy you have there. How are the scientists reaping in 
the money exactly? How do you address the millions (maybe billions) of dollars 
spent by energy companies to cast doubt on the evidence of man-made climate 
change? That's no conspiracy?

Steve Grimm, MS, CHP

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