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As to your Sv vs Gy question, I always use Gy to get the energy deposited 
and Sv to calculate the risk. i.e; Gy = absorded dose, Sv = equivalent and 
effective dose. These are also the ICRP "usage".

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> One of our trainers referred to 'x-radiation'. I understand what he means, 
> but have not seen it called antyhing other than x-rays or 'fluorescent 
> radiation' in my manuals from Cember Knoll, etc.... Is this a legitimate 
> word to use in training?
>Luke McCormick

Good question, I would like to hear from others. I would not say this, but I 
don't see that it is incorrect in any way. From my time on the Part I panel, 
I have been convinced that the appropriate usage of "x ray" is like that, 
space, no hyphen, unless you are using it as an adjective, then "x-ray 
beam", for example.

One thing I would like to know is above what dose level we should not use Sv 
and use only Gy, and why that level. I've asked some of the best, and still 
have no clear explanation.


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