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Bauman, Rodney L (84U) 84U at bechteljacobs.org
Tue Oct 19 14:44:20 CDT 2010

Each unit at Zion Station (2 units) produced 1098 MW (net electric).

Each generator was rated at 1220 MVA, 25 kV, with a 0.9 power factor (thus 1098 MW when you do the math).

So at full power, each unit generated ~ 44,000 amps at 25 kV.

However, just outside the turbine building were the main power transformers, which stepped-up the voltage to 345 kV for distribution on the grid.  So, that would've reduced the amps to around 3,200.

Rodney Bauman
Former Zion Station Employee 

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Been awhile since I worked in the generation industry.

Can someone tell me a typical electrical output from a nuclear generating station (voltage / current).  I seem to recall from my power plant days that the voltage was relatively low (several kV), but the current was very high.  This was stepped up to very high voltage for transmission.  I can't recall typical output levels, however.

Jim Barnes, CHP
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