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 John writes below regarding US Congressman Markee's alarmist comments on I-131 exposure from treated patients released from hospitals that "I believe we can do without the knee-jerk reaction of non-experts".  

A modest proposal. I would suggest one minor correction in the spelling of "knee-jerk".  It seems in many cases that it should be more properly written that we can do without "née-jerk", or "né-jerk" reactions [depending on whether the speaker of the alarmist statement is female or male]. 

If you're not French speaking, check your French-English dictionary [or Google] for the French word for "born"  :-) .

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In response to Markey's alarmist report, we have 10CFR35 as well as locally prescribed precautions. The resulting dose to a maximally exposed person from the patient has been determined to be safe AND such dose is not even tracked. I believe we can do without the knee-jerk reaction of non-experts.

John Dixon  

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> "There is a strong likelihood that members of the public have been unwittingly exposed to radiation from patients,"
> Markey wrote Wednesday in a letter to the NRC that details findings by his staff. "This has occurred because of weak NRC
> regulations, ineffective oversight of those who administer these medical treatments, and the absence of clear guidance
> to patients and to physicians."

Hmm.  Looks like we will have to detain patients until they have zero radiation.

-Gary Isenhower

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