[ RadSafe ] SIC -Let's stop citing incorrect numbers on C02 releases

Stewart Farber radproject at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 22 15:36:37 CDT 2010

I wrote an email a few days ago which may not have been delivered to all, but the error in various posts underestimating CO2 releases by a factor of over 5 is being made again and again.

The release of CARBON into the air  from man's burning of fossil fuels is a bit over 8 gigatons [8E9 tons]. This equates to something around 32 gigatons of CO2 [32E9 tons], not 6 gigatons of CO2 release which is only about 20% of the actual level of release.

Regardless of the potential effects on climate of human releases of CO2 we need to get the simple fact right of the level of release of CO2 by humanity.  8 gigatons of Carbon release per year from fossil fuel burning now is up about 40% from only 20 years ago.

Stewart Farber

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