[ RadSafe ] interesting new question

garyi at trinityphysics.com garyi at trinityphysics.com
Wed Oct 27 19:02:24 CDT 2010

> On 27 Oct 2010 at 9:49, Dr. Francis Y. Tsang wrote:
> You just don't irradiation citizens
> or human beings without their acceptance or knowledge.  Period!

Yes, we do.  Every single x-ray in all the clinics and offices around the world, irradiates 
humans without their acceptance or knowledge.  Period.

We simply conclude that reducing the exposure with a reasonable distance or shielding 
makes the remaining radiation inconsequential.  And that is a good conclusion, based on 
decades of research and mountains of evidence. If you think that it is more of a risk to our 
fellow citizens than the cars we all drive, think again.

-Gary Isenhower

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