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Hi Clayton:

It is probably illegal to X-Ray people at the Airports.  Otherwise, if you 
don't allow them to do it, they will feel you up.  Try 'feeling up anyone' 
and get away with that anywhere else.  Where is the ACLU when you need them.

Ed Baratta
Science Advisor (Radioactivity), FDA
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My opinion only!!

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> The use of x-ray producing devices is regulated by the states.  As was
> states previously, FDA has regulations for the manufacture of such
> devices, but the users of the devices do so under state authority.  In New
> York State, the public health law states (roughly) that it is illegal for
> anyone other than a licensed practitioner to apply ionizing radiation to
> humans.  Unless the operator of one of these backscatter vans is a
> physician, PA, dentist, podiatrist, or x-ray technician working under the
> direction of a physician, their use for irradiating humans is strictly
> forbidden.  The doses involved are irrelevant.  Furthermore, any medical
> professional ordering the use of x-ray equipment on humans for purely
> security reasons (i.e. no medical benefit to the patient) would probably
> risk loss of his/her license to practice.  More importantly, the resulting
> malpractice suits would bankrupt the insurance companies.
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