[ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Sat Oct 30 16:35:49 CDT 2010

>October 30, 2010

The overwhelmingly most important "green house" gas is water vapor. 
It is responsible for most of the warming that makes the earth habitable.

In comparison carbon dioxide is a minor atmospheric gas that has only 
a very minor greenhouse role. Since the main reservoir of carbon 
dioxide are the vast oceans and since carbon dioxide is released from 
the oceans when the earth warms, it is nice that carbon dioxide has 
such as small effect or there would be runaway heating of the earth.

When I plotted the annual temperature of the earth versus the average 
concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during the last 
hundred years  I found no meaningful correlation. During 25 of the 
past 60 years the earth has cooled.

When I plotted the annual temperature of the earth versus annual 
sunspot activity, I found astounding correlation on a year to year 
basis. Wow! It seems clear that the earth's temperature is most 
affected by the sun.

About one thousand years ago the earth was much warmer than it is 
now. When Erik-the-Red  arrived in Greenland he found warm summers 
suitable for farming and green terrain. That's why it was called 
"Greenland". Now people think there need to be glaciers in Greenland.

Check out "The Hockey Stick Illusion- Climategate and the Corruption 
of Science" by A.W. Montford (Stacey International 2010).


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