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  The Nuclear Waste Policy Act is the problem, as explained in the 

On 9/20/2010 4:02 PM, Teachout, Anna M. CIV AFRRI/HPD wrote:
> The Nuclear Waste Policy Act (NWPA, P.L. 97-425, 96 Stat. 2201
> )recognizes that the federal government has the primary responsibility
> for permanent radwaste disposal, as well as the important participatory
> roles of the states and the public.  Various agencies within the federal
> government predicted (decades ago) that the site selection process and
> the construction would likely be controversial because there are so many
> entities involved (Sec DoE, Congress, the President, the states, Native
> American Tribes, and the general public).  Political posturing and
> anti-nuclear activism haven't made the undertaking any less complicated
> or less expensive.  Democracies can be oftentimes be rather messy, but
> that doesn't mean we should yearn for dictatorships, does it?

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