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An old adage states that "A wise man learns from his mistakes. An even wiser man 
learns from other peoples mistakes". One might think that Canada would learn 
something by reviewing  the NWM blunders in the USA. However, the path they have 
determined to follow seems to resemble that which led to failure in this 
country. I wish them success, but would'nt bet on it.

The Government of Canada selected Canada’s plan for the long-term management 
of used nuclear fuel in June 2007. The approach, called Adaptive Phased 
Management, involves the development of a large infrastructure project in an 
informed and willing host community. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization 
(NWMO) is federally mandated to implement this project and is beginning the 
multi-year process for selecting an informed and willing community to host this 
national facility. 

  The plan calls for the construction of a deep geological repository to safely 
and securely contain and isolate Canada’s used nuclear fuel.


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Another problem is the myth that our kids learn in school every day that the 
U.S. is a democracy.  It is not--it's a republic.  

And of course, another problem is the fact that DOE, NRC, OSHA, EPA, BLM, DOJ, 
Indian Affairs, and Starfleet Federation all get to have a say in and write 
conflicting regulations and opinions pertaining to something as benign as Yucca 

Glenn Marshall, CHP, RRPT

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