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Hi, Christopher.

Actually, the "selfish few" are in my opinion, even more short sighted
than that.  If Yucca Mountain had been used as a repository, not only
would there have been a million-to-one decrease in the number of people
living within 50 miles of the SNF sent there, but there would have been
a similar decrease in each of the risks to the fuel the antis are
worried about.  For example, they are concerned that the repository is
"only" several hundred feet above the ground water.  Currently, most dry
storage facilities at power plants are only tens of feet above the level
of nearby rivers.  

But I agree with you that Yucca Mountain is unnecessary.  I do think,
however, that several centralized long term storage sites would be a
good idea. 

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Considering all of the people that live in a 50 mile radius of the
current SNF 'temporary' storage sites around nuclear reactors, it is
hard to understand why a selfish few are against a more permanent and
safer solution.  Nevertheless, the focus on deep geological repositories
is very short-sighted.  A 50+ year of history of no SNF problems in the
current storage configurations argues that spending millions on a Yucca
Mountain is unnecessary.  If the current storage was that much of a
public danger, then you would think that the politicians representing
all the areas of current SNF storage would be fighting hard to get it
fixed - not just to add further delays.  Ergo, only those who stand to
gain from building repositories are still hot on the idea. 

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