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Stewart Farber radproject at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 1 17:28:04 CDT 2011

If anyone goe to Japan with Bartlett  to work, they should remember the lyrics 
of the song by Styx from their 1983 album:

Domo arigato Mr. Robato   [translation "Thank you very much Mr. Robato "]. 

This is even more the case if they get some robots going into hot areas to avoid 
tasks having to be done by rad techs. But no matter what, remember "Domo 
arigato" -- 'Thank you very much" in dealing with your hosts.

 Stewart Farber, 

[203] 441-8433

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> Bartlett Nuclear in  Plymouth, Massachusetts  http://www.bartlettnuclear.com/

> "The  qualifications: Skills gained in the nuclear industry, a passport,
> a family  willing to let you go, willingness to work in a radioactive zone."

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