[ RadSafe ] Cl-38 and "neutron beams"

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Thanks very much. I was also beginning to wonder if any Na-24 would be detected.
My main reference on the irradiation/activation of sea water also mentions the scattering of neutrons by the atmosphere. Hence I suspect the term "neutron beams" in some of the reports should really have been "neutron radiation" or something like that. It would also have been nice to know how the any measured neutron activity compared to what would normally be observed from an operating reactor. A small critical system within the reactor containment ought to give fewer neutrons than the same reactor operating under power.

>From: "Bob Hearn" <rah at america.net>
>Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] neutron sources for Cl-38 production

>The list of isotopes I saw had Cl-38 as one of the highest activity
>components, but no Na-24. If this is indeed due to neutron activation of
>seawater, large quantities of Na-24 (higher neutron activation cross-section
>and longer half-life) should be observed.

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