[ RadSafe ] How many RadSafers?

Bill Prestwich prestwic at mcmaster.ca
Mon Apr 4 08:30:03 CDT 2011

I just got this-as I was away. Nevertheless, I wouldn't have voted, despite
the fact I support nuclear power, on the grounds that I don't approve of
interfering in the affairs of other countries. It is for the people of
Sweden to decide. And like it or not, in a democracy people even have the
right to be wrong.
All the best,

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I posted the message below about 4 hours ago and notice that there probably
only were about a dozen of RadSafers who voted. This leads to a reflection -
how many are we actually in this forum?
Bjorn Cedervall

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> Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Nuclear Power Yes Please - ranked buttons
> The following Swedish website hosts a number of pins/buttons to which you
can cast your opinion or vote (knapp = Swedish word for button, "fabrik" =
> http://www.knappfabriken.se/index.php?page=4&nocache=82734
> As you can see the pronuclear button (blue and yellow saying Nuclear Power
Yes Please in Swedish) presently has a top ranking. In order to cast your
vote - just click on the button and then follow up by clicking on the graded
scale 1-10 depending on your opinion:
> http://www.knappfabriken.se/index.php?page=knapp&id=31681
> My personal initiative only,
> Bjorn Cedervall
> bcradsafers at hotmail.com
> PS. In case you wonder, I have one of these buttons on my backpack that I
wear every day. 		 	   		  
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