[ RadSafe ] Worried about a radioactive ocean? A reality checkBy MALCOLM RITTER , AP Science Writer

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
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It should not be necessary to support your statement, because anybody
interested in the facts should be able to find in the literature, internet,
google  and even on Wikipedia (which should be used with much caution)
information about releases of radioactive material to oceans in much detail.
The impact of nuclear bomb testing to radionuclide concentrations both in
the environemnt and in the ocean water is very well and detailed documented
over many decades.  

So what? Why do we independent (yes, I am retired and had a hard time in my
position in the Austrian Radiation Protection Departments in various
ministries) scientists not qualify to make comments? 

I personally have been involved in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident,
which without doubt has resulted in runoff to oceans. I am well informed
about the discharges from Sovjet plutonium production sites to an ocean, as
well as from British facilities at Sellafield, from the French one at la
Hague. I really enjoyed the seafood from places near Sellafield and it would
be a real shame not to eat the seafood in places close to LaHague. 

In the South Pacific around the former nuclear test sites of Mururoa and
Fangataufa the plutonium distribution has been carefully evaluated, showing
no alarming concentrations. The far away concentrations of other artificial
radionuclides are nothing more than to be totally neglected. The only dose
which might be of significance is the one from Po-210, which is obviously
accumulated by shellfish. This is the case everywhere, also near Sellafield
and wherever in this world. I enjoyed seafood at all the places I have been

Best wishes to all of you, whether eating sea food or cereals...


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What is the point of this article? To the "Greenies", the concentration of 
radioactivity is irrelevant.
To them, "Any is too much"

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