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We sure can now add "Joseph Mangano of "tooth fairy" " to the list of 
"Unapproved Scientists and Experts" maintained by Mr. Roger.

How sweet it is, this list print everything!!!



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All of the anti-radiation pseudoscientist charlatans have come out of their
holes - here is the latest from Joseph Mangano of "tooth fairy" infame in
connection with Rosalie Bertell another winner!


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Latest EPA Air, Water Data Comparable to Chernobyl Fallout, Chinese A-Bomb

For Immediate Release
Contact Joseph Mangano 609-399-4343

April 7, 2011 - Iodine-131 in U.S. air and precipitation in late March was
20 times greater than normal, due to radiation releases from the meltdowns
at Japanese nuclear reactors, according to EPA data.

The highest figures recorded thus far are in Idaho, where an air sample in
Boise was 84 times above normal, and a precipitation sample in Boise was 121
times above normal.  The highest concentrations in the nation are on the
West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii.

"We can't assume this radiation is harmless, and must conduct studies to
assess any health risks, especially to American infants, and children," says
Joseph Mangano MPH MBA, Executive Director of the Radiation and Public
Health Project research group.

Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11 caused meltdowns at
multiple nuclear reactors at Fukushima, the EPA has been collecting data
from its system of 124 radiation monitoring sites throughout the country.
I-131 results are as follows:


>From March 18-24, the EPA took 73 air samples at 17 sites, and detected
I-131 in 66 of them.  A comparison with historical EPA data showed:

1. *The current U.S. median of 0.198 picocuries of I-131 per cubic meter of
air was at least 20 times above "normal" level*s (0.010) recorded by EPA in
early June 1986 when Chernobyl fallout had largely disappeared from the U.S.

2. *Current levels were 46% of peak Chernobyl fallout* (0.430, May 11-13,

3. *Boise ID had a reading 84 times above the normal level in the U.S.* on
March 23 (0.840, vs. 0.010).

*Advisory Board                                  Research Associates*

Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH                  William Reid, MD
Samuel S. Epstein, MD                          Susanne Saltzman, MD
Agnes Reynolds, RN                             Janette Sherman, MD


>From March 15-21, the EPA took 13 precipitation samples, but did not detect
I-131 in any.  But from March 22-25, each of 12 samples at 10 sites had
detectable levels:

1. *The current U.S. median of 39.6 picocuries of I-131 per liter of
precipitation was 20 times above normal levels *(2.0) recorded in early May
1986, before Chernobyl fallout arrived.

2. *Current levels were 40% of peak Chernobyl fallout* (99.5, May 14-16,

3. *Boise ID had a reading 121 times above the normal level in the U.S. *on
March 22 (242, vs.2.0)

4. *Riverside CA, near San Francisco, had a reading 69 times above the
normal level in the U.S.* (138 on March 22)**

5. *Current levels were 52% of the levels in October 1976, after fallout
from a large-scale Chinese above-ground atom bomb test reached the U.S.*

I-131 is a fast-decaying radioactive chemical (half life of 8 days) found
only in nuclear weapons explosions and reactor operations.  When ingested,
it seeks out the thyroid gland, where it kills and injures healthy cells,
leading to thyroid cancer and other disorders affecting the organ.  I-131 is
one of hundreds of radioactive chemicals in reactors, including
Strontium-90, Cesium-137, and Plutonium-239.  The EPA is tracking several of
these chemicals.

To access EPA air and precipitation data, the following web site can be


RPHP is a New York-based group of scientists and health professionals who
study health hazards of radiation exposure.  Its members have published 27
medical journal articles and 7 books on the topic.


EPA Samples of Air and Precipitation

March 2011 vs. Historical Data

Air Samples

        Samples/        *Iodine-131*

*Dates*                           *Event*
       *Median*    *High Reading*

March 18-25, 2011    Japanese fallout       66       17         0.198
     0.840 (Boise ID)

May 11-13, 1986         Chernobyl peak       32    23           0..430
     1.600 (Boise/Phoenix AZ)

June 1-10, 1986           End of Chernobyl    44    30           0.010
     0.064 (Lansing MI)   - "normal levels"

All figures are in picocuries of Iodine-131 per cubic meter of air

Sources: http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/docs/rert/radnet-air-final.pdf, and
Environmental Radiation Data, Volume 46 (April-June 1986).

Precipitation Samples

Samples/        *Iodine-131*

*Dates*                           *Event*
       *Median*    *High Reading*

March 15-21, 2011    Japanese fallout       13       11         -----
   All Not Detectable

March 22-25, 2011    Japanese fallout       12       10        39.6
    242 (Boise ID)

May 1-3, 1986             Before Chernobyl      9        7
2.0               5 (Idaho City ID) - "normal levels"

May 14-16, 1986         Chernobyl peak       46      36        99.5
  3230 (Cheyenne WY)

May 27-30, 1986         End of Chernobyl    20      18        25.5
      80 (Concord NH)

Oct. 4-29, 1976            After Chinese test    26     11
75.5             456 (Montgomery AL)

Note: Three samples from May 1-3, 1986 were negative numbers, and assumed to
be 0.

All figures are in picocuries of Iodine-131 per liter of precipitation

http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/docs/rert/radnet-precipitation-final.pdf, and
Environmental Radiation Data, Report 8 (April 1977) and Volume 46
(April-June 1986).

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