[ RadSafe ] Suppression Pool Anyone?

Ed Hiserodt hise at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 12 12:51:46 CDT 2011

Here is the latest from the N.E.I. on Fukushima:


Authorities said much of the high-level radiation leaked from reactor 2 on
March 15 and 16, early in the accident. Abnormalities in the reactor's
suppression pool caused the radiation release, the Japan Nuclear
<http://www.nsc.go.jp/NSCenglish/index.htm>  Safety Commission said.
Radiation continues to leak from the suppression pool, the commission said,
but the volume has dropped considerably.


Is the "suppression pool" the same as the spent fuel storage pool?   I
wouldn't think so.  But I've not heard the term before in reference to BWRs.


Ed Hiserodt

Controls & Power, inc.

Little Rock

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