[ RadSafe ] Fw: Radiation Protection In Pill Form please provide further insight, if any

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This would be very cool if it were true...

This is, admittedly, lay territory for me and I may be operating on false data but, my undergraduate studies in the area of microbiology, biophysics, etc. indicated that all the hundreds of known radioprotective compounds found to be effective scavengers at high doses (at least in mouse tissue) had very nasty side effects when provided in sufficient concentrations as to act as a universal free radical scavenger..  The cure was stated to be far worse than the free radicals.  I think these were mainly referring to sulfhdryl compounds and my training is a bit dated...

Wouldn't the scavenger have to be very close to the hydroxyl ion, within a couple of nm, for this to work as advertised?  If there were sufficient scavengers in the cell conveniently located within a few nm of a DNA strand that were available to bond with a hydroxyl group resulting from an nearby water molecule hit, then, how would you avoid similar chemistry problems resulting from the presence of the scavenger that would, necessarily, have to have the open valence to bond the hydroxyl group?  Wouldn't this skew any ongoing repair fidelity?   I think this is the general area where the cure overloads the effect with respect to cellular damage...

I'm curious about the trials too.  What was the cellular division stage of the cell plates during the trials?

Neil Keeney

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Dear list members,
I have sent a message  to the list on 3rd July 2009. It is about an 
nti-radiation pill called "BioShield-Radiation. I got some feedback.
I understand that the company which promotes it, is on a publicity campaign. 
hey identified seven demographic groups to benefit from the pill. One of them 
s air passengers who may be exposed to a few microsievert during a flight from 
osmic radiation. The company is planning to gift 115,000 doses of the pill (to 
he people in Fukushima), enough for 1000 adults for a few months. A dose costs 
4.95 and normally you need two doses for instance, one before a dental x-ray 
xam and one shortly afterwards to reduce the freeradical stress due to the 
PMC has not yet published their findings in a-peer reviewed journal.
I shall appreciate feed back, comments etc on this product. The company has 
ncluded virtually every one as customers for the pill!. The company claimed 
hat their pill is superior to potassium iodide as it offers protection to the 
hole body unlike potassium iodide which protects only the thyroid!
An interesting finding is that the pill reduces the number of Double Strand 
reaks in the DNA of patients who underwent CT examinations (Plausible 
bservation, but not yet published in a peer reviewed journal
A recent press release may be accessed at 

Can I have your views quickly?

est regards
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