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GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out.
Apparent increase in child leukemias, like the apparent increase in thyroid cancers of children, following exposure of 0.5 to 10 rem (cSv) above usual background radiation, when searched for diligently ( as at Chernobyl and after bombs in Japan) seems to result from lack of control population studies that were the same, an assumption essential to your erroneous conclusion of causation. Breast cancers found in Japanese exposed to 0.5 - 20 cSv were only 34, when 42.3 were expected from "controls" ( supporting hormesis as also found in Taiwan apts and NSWS).

Indeed, more thyroid cancers were found in children after Chernobyl exposure - but the degree of malignancy noted was less and the death rate was unchanged, suggesting that milder malignancies were counted that would not have been included in the "controls".

Disclosure. I examined 733, 73% of 3-5 graders in Dublin, CA in 1963 and foumd 4 with smoothly enlarged thyroid glands, all among the 7 with the shortest reflex recovery time, a measure of increased metabolic rate, This was shortly after the USA bomb testing and the data was kindly reviewed by Lynn Anspaugh, health physicist at L Livemore NL who later studied the Chernobyl population. None were sick.

 Medical diagnoses, even cancer, are more variable than  code assumptions, precluding "experts" from dictating "evidence -based" Obamacare wisely. Each case is different.

A little ionizing radiation like a little sunshine is needed for the best of health. Hormesis
That is why I sit on thoriated welding rods to get a dose in Pleasanton more like that in Denver.

Howard Long MD MPH Family Doctor, Epidemiologist, Board Member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (watch for our meeting in July, in Albuquerque, including Bobby Scott with his slides on this subject.)

On Apr 20, 2011, at 4:17 AM, "Busby Chris" <C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk> wrote:
 I prefer to eliminate government control and snoop and costs,
> Dear Otto,
> Deal with the papers showing increases in infant leukemia and my paper which uses a meta analysis please. Otherwise you are using hearsay. This is meant to be a discussion.
> By the way Otto, what about the 12 beagle control dogs that developed lung cancer in your paper. How do you explain that? Did you check out the normal lung cancer rates in dogs. I did. It is 35 per 100,000. Seems these controls were exposed. Or do you have another explanation?
> Sincerely
> Chris
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> Claims of an epidemic of cancer from the 
> Chernobyl accident have not been validated. There 
> was no apparent major effects of widespread 
> public exposure to ionizing radiation from the 
> Chernobyl accident except for thyroid disease 
> associated with very high acute radiation doses 
> from short-lived 131I in milk. See World Health 
> Organizion (WHO), Health Effects of the Chernobyl 
> Accident and Special Health Care Programmes, 
> Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization 
> 2006, and also Z. Jaworowski,Observations on the 
> Chernobyl Disaster and LNT. Dose Response 8: 148-171; 2010.
> Otto
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