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Anagnostopoulos, Harry (CONTR) H.Anagnostopoulos at nv.doe.gov
Thu Apr 21 15:28:13 CDT 2011



I'm interested in Dr. Busby's Second Event Theory. I first encountered
the theory when my work involved addressing concerns raised by a local
environmental group in Indiana. In that case, the concern was DU.


Then, and again recently, I've done a bit of reading about the theory.
I've read what is readily available that promotes the theory and then
the criticisms of the theory. I've made a professional judgment and
moved on.


Of late, I've become very interested not in what people believe, but WHY
they believe it. In this particular case, I'd like to know why Dr. Busby
developed the theory. Specifically, and using the general steps of the
scientific method, I'd like to know what data indicated that the current
theories were incorrect, how the hypothesis was formed, what tests were
conducted to verify the hypothesis, and how the issue advanced to become
a theory.


Now this is not intended to be some sort of challenge or trap. I'm not
particularly smart and perhaps I got some of the terminology or steps
wrong.  I am seriously interested in how this theory was formed.


I'll also say  that I have no emotional involvement. If Dr. Busby's
theory is correct and it is true that radiation exposure is more
hazardous that currently thought, it only makes my prospects for future
employment more secure. I'll adjust to the new evidence and work on.



Dr. Busby, please take a few minutes to help us understand the process
that you followed. I'm willing to listen the weigh the evidence for
myself as objectively as I can.


Also, a word of caution. Observations affect credibility and, therefore,
my decision-making. Just like in the global warming debate, Palestinian
conflict with Israel, poverty causes crime, etc... behaviors are
important. What I see weighs heavily over what is said. Hyperbole,
name-calling, unsupported statements, elusive answers, all loose points.
Unfortunately, this was my experience with the group in Indiana.





Harry Anagnostopoulos, CHP

Nevada, USA


"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but
planning is indispensable."

-             President Dwight D. Eisenhower




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