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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
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April 21

         Same old story:  how about a citation (to the infant 
leukemia after Chernobyl).  And don't cite your own literary 
productions either.

         Not to fight Otto's battle for him, lung cancer in beagles 
has nothing to do with alleged increases in leukemia after Chernobyl.

Steven Dapra

At 12:18 PM 4/21/2011, you wrote:

>You havent responded to the paper I asked you all to examine, the 
>one about infant leukemia after Chernobyl.
>You also havent answered my question about the beagle controls with 
>lung cancer in your paper. These show that tyour own work is fatally 
>flawed and your own ideas are imaginary. I had hoped for more from 
>you, of all people.
>You just do what the others do: attack me.
>This is not the way of the scientist.
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> >Chris Busby is apparently an anti-nuclear activist whose training is
> >in physical chemistry. His ideas about radiatioon biology are quite
> >imaginary but conflict with the best published studies of radiation
> >carcinogeneisis.
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