[ RadSafe ] Mr. Dapra credentials to critique please?

David Ehle ehle at phys.iit.edu
Tue Apr 26 08:57:25 CDT 2011

Wow... 2 logical fallacies in a 3 line message. THAT is impressive.

Please look up "ad hominem" and "appeal to authority." Both are generally 
considered signs of very sloppy thinking or intentional manipulative 
behavior used to hide a weak argument.

Basically both logical fallacies boil down to the same thing though - Who 
makes an argument, is irrelevent to the argument itself in terms of its 
logical consistancy or scientific value.

I get spam offering me a PHD on a daily basis, and if I remember correctly 
we owe a lot of our current understanding of the universe to a guy who was 
"just" a patent clerk when he did some of his best work.

Now a person's background might reveal if they have a conflict of 
interest, or suggest WHY they are interested in making the effort to argue 
- but the arguments themselves must be evaluated sepreately.

On Tue, 26 Apr 2011, RRGWNYEnviro at aol.com wrote:

> Mr. Dapra credentials to critique please?
> There is no record on Internet or published papers. C. Busby is PhD.
> Please help with informations.
> Very truly yours,
> M.Sato
> RRG: Ryokan Route Gento (Grand Mali Park)
> WNY: West Noga (area) Yokohama
> Environment Monitoring
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