[ RadSafe ] Crawford F Sams and radiophobia

Theo Richel theo at richel.org
Tue Apr 26 11:36:01 CDT 2011

Crawford F Sams was a US Army General and doctor who set up/restored
Japanes health care after the dropping of the atomic bomb. He claims
that the 'performance' of the bomb was disappointing, but that the US
government needed a new deterrent (the war had shown that the former
deterrent air-warfare had failed) and this became the bomb/radiation. Th
effects of the bomb had to be presented as large as possible, thus was
the order the General got from Washington. He complied because
understood why the US chose this policy, but warned that it could
backfire, 'Do not believe your own propaganda' he warned. On the net he
has a long transcript of an interview here:
http://beckerexhibits.wustl.edu/oral/transcripts/sams.html and I have an
article from the 50-ies from hios hand that both clearly suggest that
the current radiophobia was largely government instigated.

Is there anybody here that can confirm or deny this or has more


Theo Richel

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